Definition: italian Premium Dry Gin
Alcohol content 47 % Alc / Vol.
Production: Gin produced from the best cereals. Italian production and spring water, subjected to two processes of distillation. For its preparation a part of the final distillate is put into a container in a cold infusion for the final refinement
Botanical ingredients: Peel of citrus fruit , Cinnamon, Licorice Root , Seeds of anise, Juniper berries, pink pepper , Horseradish , Ginger , Red fruits , cloves
Tasting Notes:
Gin complex , well structured and dry, with a hint juniper , licorice and ginger followed by delicate citrus notes.
Tasting frozen in a Gin & Tonic, is very elegant , fragrant and especially persistent
note of licorice. Serve in large goblet with ice abundant licorice root slice of ginger twist of orange and garnish everything with pink peppercorns.
The possibilities for the realization of delicious cocktails and long drinks both classic contemporaries, are virtually unlimited.
Roby Marton

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